I was once a proud believer in equity. Universal Basic Income was my go to theory whenever talking about jobs and finance. I believed that everyone everywhere should get their fair share. Great idea isn’t it?

Well, technically, it’s the right thing to do. Making sure everyone everywhere was okay.

That’s when I founded The Man Cave Project. Essentially a place where men can go to be themselves and earn a little on the side. The idea was borne from a small blockchain that utilises content creation in exchange for their native token. Their token was called whaleshares.

The concept…

You’ll often hear people talking about tackling bias these days. It’s become one of those buzzwords that’s passed around so often that it’s nearly lost all meaning to it.

What IS bias?

Bias is the term in which one determines their decision making on. For example, a person, let’s call him John, may be inclined to walk the long route home from work. On the short route home he had been stopped by several street beggars that had acted towards him aggressively at that time.

Does that mean the short route is a bad route?

Well, no, not at all. It could just…

A lot of us jump into cryptocurrency with wide eyes and hopes and dreams of 100x. They hear stories of friends, or family putting a couple of dollars on a token and before they know it they have hundreds of thousands of dollars to their name. Enough to buy a house or more.

So people come in here, hearing the stories of old, with super hopeful aspirations only to get shafted by a train sideways.

This was the reality for me, and this will exactly be the reality for you.

I began my cryptocurrency career at the end of 2013…

M y good friend Marina asked me last night how I recovered from hating myself and thinking I was worthless to being happy and comfortable in my life with zero anxiety and being able to tackle any situation as it comes. I wanted to tell her right there, but it was late and I needed to go to bed, and this sort of answer deserves an essay rather than a few lines. So I’m going to write this out in full.

I hope it helps her in some way or at least one of you, my awesome readers. I’ll write…

First of all I’d like to apologise for taking so long to get back to everyone. It’s been at least a month or two and I have an email inbox full to the brim with these questions. Please accept my apologies, I’m usually on the ball but I have my son at home because of covid-19. I’ll get these rattled off as quick as I can.

Ok, on with the show:

My first question from anonymous:

I have dated this guy for five years, he loves me more than I love him, am not sexually attracted to him, I got…

Is he in love with me? Love is a sticky messy thing. There are several different kinds of love, and to confuse things on top of all that, people love in their own weird ways.

I went through a stage in my life at one point where I would become really obsessed with women. If you asked me back then if I was in love I would have told you that yes, absolutely. But although experts tell us that obsessional love isn’t healthy — wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all wave our magical wands and become healthy? …

We often like to think of ourselves as the person in the right during a disagreement, or argument. It’s become a weird phenomenon over the last ten years. More-so prevalent now than it ever has been. New technologies have blown through previous communication barriers where humans would often be limited to the people in their local area, but now we can have groups that have members in them from all over the world.

Of course the phenomenon of feeling like being right has always been the case — but technology has enabled us to march that righteousness into the far…

Have you ever had the distinct feeling that no-one is really listening to you?

Are you endlessly sharing your thoughts and your deep feels and all the stuff in between in the hope that someone will take notice for one small moment, but it never feels like they really do?

Oh of course people will tell you that you’re fabulous, that you’re wonderful, that you are the most amazing person on the planet. There’s no shortage of that. There’s never any shortage of people telling us how awesomely fantastic and totally amazing we are — but somehow, weirdly, it never…

I’m one for continually saying that you can beat depression with a dedicated effort. But one thing I know is that it’s easier said than done. My journey with depression spanned over several long and arduous years and it wasn’t a case of just waking up and feeling better, no. It was a case of continually trying to rewire my thoughts in a different way. Which took a lot of painstakingly hard work, and I’ll admit, quite a lot of tears.

Let’s be honest with you. I didn’t do it without help. I had a counsellor, a psychologist, a team…

If you’re looking for relationship advice about men in general then look no further, I’m your guy. I’m here to give some good solid advice, whilst at the same time dispelling those commonly held myths that are cropping up more and more.

I’ve been Married for nearly 11 years, in a relationship for 13, and have had more than my fair share of ups and downs in my lifetime with my partner, and have reflected enough to understand the ins and outs and the misfires that can happen in relationships between men and women. …

Raymond Baxter

Communications and Mental Health Activist / Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur. Owner of The Relationship Blogger & The Man Cave Project. Always thinking big.

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